Thursday, 12 December 2013

1. D10 HUM

Here, in this world
first play
then a wait

Cock of ages
crow for me

The people who would come after
would not be real

You could end this at once
                      - or

Questi frammenti . . . certo, ed anche gli aforismi

He strode out in Sean Bonney’s clothes
finding then one stray tenner in the pocket
the dark neat jacket suddenly blessed
extraordinary how the mimetic functions!

“But in the case of poetry it’s often a relief not to possess that old desideratum, ‘a voice’, and not to resemble oneself.”
Denise Riley, The Words of Selves: Identification, solidarity, irony (Stanford UP, 2001), p 62

At this point in our ending
here comes the spatter pattern
– I always imagine it
don’t you?

Bouncing on the bed with bears

At this point
in our ending
a bigger crash
following thru
to backswash

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