Saturday, 1 February 2014

27. A Recipe for an Upside-Down Cake

for Nick & Jeanette

Let’s get here these – a couple of apples
                       eating or cooking
                       or sufficient other fruit
                       plums, pineapple
                       or even the royal damson
                       to cover the bottom of your tin
                       in a good confused layer
then                   225 g demerara sugar
                       200 g butter
                       3 medium eggs (free range)
                       200 g self-raising flour
                       150 g natural yoghurt
now, this isn’t compulsory, but for all
those who want it      ½ tsp spices, such as cinnamon especially
                       – only these

We can grease the tin (round 20 cm)
& we can’t lie – best if with a loose bottom
or it’ll be a lumpy & gnarly mess to get out
& you must line it close w/ a circle of greased baking paper
then inside the oven (180º enough!)

With whatever you care to use beat
the butter w/ 200 g of the sugar
until it is relaxed & light then
beat in the beaten eggs 1 by 1
work hard if you must at folding in
                                    flour & yoghurt
                                    – spice!
or take it with the fruit which
anyway you’ll core or stone
 & slice &
toss in the sugar then cover
the bottom of the tin
                      – a dirty & hopeful landscape
                        not dangerous but ridiculous
                        which the mixture will cover
                        more like a blizzard than a pie

Any questions? Not needed but
smooth the top across & slightly hollow
then cook it for about an hour
(foil over the top when there’s risk of burning too brown)
until it’s spongy & seems cooked through
we can’t define it more, refined taste
varies, but we let entropy then run
– cool it for 20 minutes in the tin
start up & turn out onto a rack w/ the fruit on top
& let it all cool to serve w/ cream
                              crème fraîche or yoghurt
                              (these even blended w/ honey & spice)
                              anything good
                                            for your friends
                                            to make us speak

[I got this recipe from a supermarket & made it for my “Sundays at the Oto” events at Hamish’s Café Oto when he hadn’t yet got his catering going (& still welcomed us!), but widened the fruit range & the accompaniment too; good for either cake or pudding, so enjoy & share however.]

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