Thursday, 27 February 2014

53. Poets’ Situations

Poets’ situations
their places
in cupboards
major fantasy
antique dominations
we embrace
pembroke brunch
power everywhere
every dimmer
meat, meat

drunk friends
casual acceptance
our futures
not together
very scary
drunk aswell
– gotcha there! –
language changes
power doesn’t
kind of
the same
holding it
not privilege
ugliest thing
enjoy, enjoy

some times
we do
it right
right and
ready: done
done done

algae on
the lake
it cooks
bad today
all day

forget writing
poets laugh
OK it’s
all good
mainly really
some days
it is
really really

back in
those days
all in
one class
all together
call this
how things
could be
must be

you will
get something
there really
existing there
but here
nothing but
nothing but

we could
talk, arrange
on some
business starting
at the
head here
and now
heal now

at the
heart of
all we
do not
authenticity please
or theory
what is
useful here
and now

other people
other people
no us
we must
do it
right now

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