Friday, 7 February 2014

33. Towards the End of October, Then

OK then – what shall we give the children who come calling?
Should anyone, then, receive their just deserts?
Then is it just your family or your fantasy you write about?
Where in this are we all together then?

Can we really say it is okay to build upon this shattered ground?
How can we raise up a feast yet call this cooking simple?
Can any of this actually be done without lies?
When will the children arrive?

Is this voyage in daylight? – surely in ever deepening drabness?
Where in this can you find any human joy that may be true?
Why do you shift your attention to the grass, of all things?
Is it in fact familiar?
                        & then who to?

When the children have gone, how do you measure this silence?
When you hear in this some kind of call – what?
When will you go down to join our common occupation?
When, okay, will the common wound then
                                       begin too to heal?

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