Thursday, 13 February 2014

39. After the Ecstasy

Let’s open this list of words
a simple resource you can repeat each time
moon motion nutmeg, fruit god jesus
tastes token voyage; partners poetry recipe

Curve them to make an oculus
in another you beat the milk and rum
stuck in the philosopher [illegible] [illegible] [strange]
keep this eye open please throughout

Thy head! The head, thy golden head
crossing and carving they interweave
remove the old; replace with the new
or else you shall not gain by it

Each bit fills in but you can’t work out where
it needs a large pan to stand for the world
to throw smoke in Saturn’s face &
make sense you will where this breeds

The black sun of midwinter
I can’t hear! I can’t hear!
its own regiler at its sight ‘n‘
concapsuled hell pus at the I

Things redden and list themselves again
the utopian city we approach in awareness
poetry at this point’s transformative power
– no word to explain it

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