Saturday, 8 February 2014

34. The Notes Here Unvoiced

what silence
under it
little things
which falter
basal rumbles
over head
[        ]
speed beat
OK then
come in
enter now
this noise[1]

time to
go time
to stay
bubbling up
around this
empty crunches
crisp stains
so complicated[2]

when the
anger yes
how can
this end
oh Aziz
no fault
our duty
be empty[3]

something easier
and joy
Happy Hallowe’en![4]

what colour
is grass
it grows
just that[5]

who will
pay them
not you
not you
not you
let me
not I
familiar &
who to[6]

how can
this all
bubble up
a gain
and up
soft words
gentle knocks
little pleasures
unpaid for
for what
and who[7]

without lies
just bask
tank ward
huhhnn huhhnn!
hullo – in?
children arrive
hard knocks
mmm – mouth
floods w/
taste - good[8]

OK then
grace to
be born
like children
and live
and live
come calling
as variously
as possible
should anyone
then receive
just deserts[9]

your family
your fantasy
your feast
it’s quite
nooooh – it’s
talking in
the corner
and laughing
all together [10]

[1] or dirt
[2] “how it feels to feed”
[3] is that healed?
[4] yeah – mean it!
[5] can be walked on
[6] we say this
[7] to
[8] pleasure again
[9] sordid identifications? – barely suggests!
[10] now

1 comment:

  1. para 5 + footnote 5: Andrew Crozier, Walking on Grass (Ferry Press, 1969
    para 9: Frank O'Hara, "In Memory of My Feelings", Collected Poems (ed. Donald Allen) (Alfred A Knopf, 1982)