Sunday, 20 April 2014

100+5. To Experiment w/ an Ever More Limited Lexis; or, To Experiment Even More

“Why doesn’t the outsideness press in more here?
How comes this heap of stories is the world?
At the end is just whatever comes good enough then?
Is that the wound you’re talking about here?”

Except really there’s no need now
We are broken machines at birth, yes
Incapable of keeping to our algorithms, so
We can spring out with something new

Always the dream of time for renewal
Ah, let’s just deny unreality
Work with eachother, yes, to cook up
All the good feasts together we can

Then fuelled to riot & destroy
The special claims of capital & of
All its varied parasites – insecticide now!
The high status elites – whatever, wherever

Their sickening mouthparts wound us
Their disgusting stings try still to quiet us
Loading our veins w/ their syrup and their filth
Time for all our words to be let out here

To open the borderlands & raid burning
With opened eyes their terrible hives
A moment’s rawness only when we reject
All rules not ours freely chosen

Put there of our own constructed benefit
Moving on from here, some not surviving, then so
And the others, the children who we nurtured, yes
Shall now.

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