Wednesday, 2 April 2014

87. Circumstances Here Childish, But Improving Daily

Circumstances here
childish but
improving daily
actual process
right right
yeah [sotto
no trees
daily better
common access
now assured

and a
telephone too
empty rooms
stories heard
domestic rumbles
over and
over again
as night
fell oh!

dangerous over
the side
hurry! full
steam ahead
all now
safe please

do this
do this
[clap!] [clap!]
a comedy
mummy will
on wednesday
look after
always after

Thomas! Thomas!
don't doubt
but wait
you’ll not
go out
no chance
of that
not now

this tells
us what?
upla! upla!
one comes
one goes
you only
get one
ever see?

who says
this then?
some glossolalic
some touretter
loving ridicule
in all
right people’s
blue eyes

suddenly Saladin
entered discourse
we always
loved him
I am
huge fan
really I
can’t say
more now

what you
after then?
milk and
you know
three balls
little sweepings
here let
me mime
[                ]

let’s share
subvocally please
and with
much laughter
diet coke
look! look!
last minute

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