Friday, 11 April 2014

96. A Recipe for a Smoked Haddock Risotto

for my family: Philpotts, Potter-Drakes, Ketleys, Yues & Yus, Fams, Stapletons, Smith-Sparks, Laws, Harcups, Joyces, Martins, Frains, Lamberts & Ellises

At this point it is time
to stop & eat again –
we must hold together
the next valley is the one after supper
for this landscape centres on
how we live together, & eat
like real people: here
take this & flourish:

Everyone you know
would need these things
or similar: a smoked haddock, undyed etc
            risotto rice, say 300 g at least
                          - arborio delicious enough for me
            a couple (or more) of small leeks
            1 small red onion
            frozen peas
            maybe a little chervil or parsley
            olive oil
            some butter
            parmesan or good grana padano
            vegetable stock (say 600 ml)
            dry white Italian wine
                      - yes, origin here important I think
                      oh Frascati, I like you best!

Well, OK, you start to work
shredding & cutting: take the fish
& like in some ritual put in a dish
& cover with boiling water, then coffin
w/ clingfilm & leave for 10 minutes about
chop the onion fine & slice quite small
those leeks, snip up your herbs
make up your stock & keep it simmering
while a fresh-boiled kettle of water may prove useful
next open the wine & drink a little
yes, the fish will be ready, so
drain off the water & flake the fish
decent bits, like debris after rioting.

In a wide pan heat oil & a great knob of butter
then cook the onion & the leek
gently till soft & tender, adding
the rice to roll it & coat it & cook it
so it begins to crackle a little
then a first glass of wine
- it soaks in, like blood from a murder
then add stock & again it will be perfect
just let it absorb & the grains slowly plump
repeatedly[1] - a lot doing here!

As it gets near ready, glaucous & rich
like some beautiful pie-filling, a little more wine
I like before the end, and add your peas
of course & the fragmented fish & chives
when ready, when it tips into something right
don’t let it lie but open up a final perfection
- stir in the cheese & more butter – then leave
covered & off the heat, to nurture itself
coat & imbue each grain, piercing below
the surface of the seen to penetrate each valley of taste[2].

Serve rapidly, with more cheese & some fresh ground black pepper
& the chervil or parsley if you want sprinkled
- it won’t be too soon! any rage ends at once
sharing its calmative perfection & the rest of the wine.

[The recipes for the best food are always unwritten. I’ve taken this from several internet sites & my own practice w/ risottos. You could make it with mushrooms or prawns, or miss out or shift the vegetables – courgettes are also good. If you take out a lot, it’ll work OK for small children.[3] I think, when making it, of my mother, and her Times Calendar recipes. Give yourself to improve & alter, to improvise in your situation. Time still for one last meal together here. I invite you all.]

[1] If you have used all your stock, the boiling water.
[2] Or like some early stage in the laying down of conglomerates.
[3] You know what they like & need (as do they, of course).

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