Tuesday, 22 April 2014

100+7. How Many Words?

feeding bodies
feeding minds
all delicious
that’s good
let’s go

each time
the same
yet ev’ry
time different
why not
let it
happen so

rituals and
landscape and
various spices
all set
for profit
the girls
[laugh] [coughing]
yeah, yeah
let’s have
another word
like chance
like share
like sheen
so many
so much

[no reply]

the history
of the
roman popes
proof of
that huge
rich variety
human lives
& what
a fucker
god is
(if he
ever did[1]

nice inside
done up
across the
road it
makes sense
at last
in stories
I believe

the milk
boils over
not my
fault really
not again
kids really
seriously no
who can
mind it
thank you
[laugh again]

I’m amazed
though at
my stamina
some chance
it may
go on
until yes
the end
you know?

more pronouns
then more
feasts too
to share
more riots
to fan
upset power
and change
our lives
some slower
more constructive
just to
ignore the rules
like here
a little dangerous
not really
only a
good start then
to build together

how many words?
as many as
you choose
you need
you share

[1] He is
isn’t he
when it
comes down
to it
something that
we inflict
upon ourselves
don’t have to
do we?

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