Saturday, 12 April 2014

97. Unwritten Recipes; or, Moral Praxis and Its Fatal Turn

for Simon Howard

This is beautiful & still. I
will start and so let something be sprinkled.
This fragmented situation will nurture chance.
Be calmative then, & share all
this delicious rioting. Perfection next begins
w/ rage, practice, then ridicule & milk.
Children are final, but fairly dangerous.
The grains are the ground, then your need
a crackle of circumstances shredding landscape like murder.

You share this growth, yeah. With us.
Upla, ping & clap!! Childish? I
loved this. Really. No, not ridicule.
I am a fan of comedy. But only
subvocally. What comes – fell.
Common circumstances; but balls
oh you minute blue touretter.
Mummy rumbles in. This discourse
now improving, daily more actual suddenly

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