Tuesday, 1 April 2014

86. Yes? Yes?

Refuse? Yes, they’ll shrivel and crush.
The perfect pie unshared is silt. What
must be lost is private rawness, coteries
of public abjection and mass profit for the few.
Resistance remained ever – Sawney Beanes need stabbing
fraud will need wounds, an opened book
and our shared public ritual. Humanity
history, origin – let them be unwritten.
Utter need is still to be full & true.

Yes? No, never immaculate: funny
untenable is this landscape. Toasters move out.
Ritual rottenness simple and given, not bitter
But interesting. People & power are different
sometimes married, often now wasted. Circumstances here
childish but silent, stone, stuck. Isn’t
this ineffective & reasonable again? Bloody! Bloody!
Overrun. This warning is trying and failing.
The duck’s back lives long. Get rid of it.

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