Wednesday, 15 January 2014

10. A Sent (The Balancings)

Let’s use each word sweetly
Every instance that is acceptable we’d want to be so sweetly
The things that are acceptable we shall dedicate to female American language poets (in the broadest sense), who use that language sweetly
OK, then, let’s dedicate this venture to their writing, and the rain
The venture must dress to match the declining glory of the poets and the rain’s increasing rigour
Damson shall be the dress to match & mature into the declining glory of the poets and the rain’s increasing rigour
We can realise how the damson dress shall venture and joy within this turning silver & grey, unexceptional as the declining glory of the poets
Joy, in this case, we’ll find at the balancings
The rests in the midst of where we are, these are the balancings
Against what we have eaten, what we have thought – this rests within the balancings
We’ll hold our wits about us, no matter how it rests with what we have eaten, through the balancings
Ah, if only our wits were real
Our wits build up this whole world around us
Our wits build up this world, this one world, out of fear of all the others
Our wits build this fear into a world – it is empty – look! look!
So let’s be heroes we’d said once, empty but hopeful
Heroes are good at posturings and are ever hopeful
Our delight at the heroes’ posturings can make us ever hopeful too
A fine slice of damson pie, gives as much delight as the posturings of heroes and is more helpful too
The rich dark fruit juice of that pie – haemorrhagic but hopeful ever too
The language leaking out of this crust is haemorrhagic and staining yet hopeful too
What a mess! licking up the language leaking a process unending but ever hopeful to

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