Monday, 20 January 2014

15. In the Mist of Where We Are

  shut down the wound
                             around these riots
                in language”

       what conflict
& where

you       need ‘em
    deny it all

the light of burning shops
this evening
                               stain of blood or wine in the road
         – it’s all gone west

            out of pronouns
                   & real people

        perche            attraversa qui?
   non lo so                                di queste niente

ah     like beef
              in the heat
                                  red & english

“what I said
            ignored the burning urban landscape”

     assume it’s true
     & then
            let it go
            as what it is
 the bloody language
squishy as soggy cardboard in the looted shop’s doorway

       everything taken now

            in the mist of the occasion
             the constraints of our society
             represented by fists & metal poles
             fierce energies in a vortex
             discovering itself

         it is an inflamed wound

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