Tuesday, 14 January 2014

9. Essential

Please hold sweetly onto consciousness
like, the “I’m” is now acceptable and nice
here, I’d dedicate this to you, Fanny

let’s crank it up in venture to high art
dress ourselves all proudly in pellicules & mantles
the colour of damson ketchup – ahh! breathe it in
in this new era such joy unexceptional

there will be balancings: this the one hear then
when the city pulls itself in & rests, oh
like someone who has eaten too much beef
you know, bad for the wits but not unpleasant

not like real diseases caught from Faber & Faber
see – let’s hew at the lot & then build
this page isn’t empty because of fever but fear
fear of what’s empty, deaf blind & aphasic

so let’s be heroes of some ridiculous sort
swinging through in our primrose clothes – oh posturing
a kind of delight to behold, sufficient
for this whole thing issuing out like pie juice
                                      language leaking
                                      process unending

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