Sunday, 26 January 2014

21. Not Suffer

Let’s move out
                                the voyage
                                is the voyage back
the truth is we live
OK then
                                where we are
                                from the very start
                                we live within
                                this very place
                                we stand upon

                     Not any more than language
              the sweet
At  nightfall
                         I must love
                               I must love

Sweep up  and  let the children play
               then after play they will
               start up & do it better
                          do it right
                             as if we lived
                             as if we really could
                             people of a playful language –
                             hard, useful, always dirty
                             with the luscious sweat
                             of a world we fit within
                                                      at ease
                                                      not suffer

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  1. I've just altered the spacing between words - I had started out using tabs rather than solely blank spaces, which doesn't fit in precisely with the grid of the monospace font, and doesn't get translated well into Blogger's horrible but effective code.