Friday, 24 January 2014

19. Hear Singing to Voyaging Here

Sing on yet again, old man
Sing on your unending songs about the old fights
Sing about the fights we must make to win against old gods
Sing these fights against the gods & how they bring us to an old truth
The truth, Homeros, is what you must sing
The truth of force, always, Homeros, is what you must sing
Through you, Homeros, the truths of the force of the intellect can sing
And through you, Homeros, the truth & pain of force and intellect shall sing
The pain is the wound in the world where we stand
It thrusts open the wound within the place you are
Our natures thrust against the livid wound which is our ground
The wound is the mould out of which we are thrust by our natures here
Sing of those constraints that thrust us here
The children sing of each sweet constraint of being here
The children playing in the rubble sing within the constraints that come from here
At nightfall, Homeros, sing with the children in the rubble of our constraints so we can hear
Karla and Darrel, too, are here, voyagers
Karla & Darrel’s language is always that of further voyaging
Karla & Darrel’s language lies at the start of this great voyage
Karla & Darrel sing, this language given as lies to set us all on unending voyagings

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