Saturday, 11 January 2014

6. A Recipe for Curry Pie

for Gui Benvenutto (and I’ll give you the cold noodle recipe separately later.)

Best beef mince c 700 g              oil
flaky pastry: 1 packet               little pack of tomato paste
1 or 2 onions                        3 medium potatoes
1 or 2 carrots                       whatever sort of seasoning you use
maybe even a stick of celery         a little milk
3-4 mushrooms
2 or 3 chillies (more or less!)
couple of tablespoons curry paste   
                                - & what do you
                                  expect from this then?

Take a pie dish or flan dish, c 7 in
- no need to fight over this!
& lightly grease
so it doesn’t all end up lost again
then cut up the vegetables small
                                 - isn’t that a pleasant thing?
peel the potatoes & repeatedly dice
                                    you can’t get too formal here

Heat up the oil in a big saucepan
that outsideness will not press in or too strong
& get your veggies sizzling well (onions first)
add the curry paste
                    - definitely as a heap of stones
& after a couple of minutes then the meat
& let it brown well enough, then on a lower heat
with potatoes & seasoning added, plus the tomato puree
moist like the wound that was talked about
maybe with a little boiling water added to ensure
and cook it gently for up to 30 minutes
next put your oven on 180°

Divide the pastry into two & roll out
(thus the ludicrous change to laudable, people)
for the top & bottom (slightly larger to go up the sides)
fit the bottom on & fill it
like this world is full of stones & things
you add the top, trying to get a seal around
& with a couple of slits in for the steam
- you can’t just accept this, you have to do it right
a little milk brushed across the top is nice
and it cooks in the middle of your oven for half an hour
- isn’t that what you are then?

[I got this recipe from my wife’s family, so you might call it Anglo‑Singaporean, I’d reckon. Good hot, very good warm, fine cold, with salads, cold noodles etc. And you can cook up a filling with vegetables indeed – aubergines! – for a nearly as delicious veggie version.]

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