Wednesday, 22 January 2014

17. For the Time Being

Why do we experience such destruction as moments of deep freedom?
For what reasons are these poor thieves treated ten times worse than thieves in good suits?
Who is it, though, who takes charge when there is no law?
Why do we always destroy what we need to make life bearable?

Why do we shut down the world around this wound in our language?
What will we end up by having to accept as our real now?
Where will Karla & Darrel drift across to now?
Why does it all end up in wet rubble, cardboard, shattered glass?

Why has everything been taken from us at this time again?
What feeling is it we have at this loss of what defined us?
How dangerous will be our new constraints? . . .  or rather full of ridicule?
Why is the weeping red wound of our life still all around us?

Why have Karla & Darrel halted at the edge of this street now?
Who are you talking to, and why, and with what language?
How can you know anything about us or dare to give us voice?
Why do you respond to what has happened just with words?

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