Saturday, 25 January 2014

20. Hard, Useful & Dirty

Let’s move out as two people in love
Unending and hopeful the voyage
We’re travelling to the land of the gods
Though the truth is that this is where we live

OK then, let’s sing this voyage
Its force takes us back to where we are
Confronting the police stations of intellect
Known in pain as gods & law

The wound these inflict we live within
Describing by its rawness this very place
The harsh ground we stand upon
Here, at the centre & limit of our journey

These aren’t constraints any more than language
It is in part the sweet grain of being
Even in the drifts of rubble, children
And nightfall to let us take stock & act

Karla & Darrel I love you
And whatever language you use I must love
Here, still at the start of this voyage
Everything lies open, endless and free

Sweep up now & let the children play
Rushing over the rubble like the sea
Then we can start up & do it better
Do it as it should be done
          as if we lived
          in a land of people
          hard, useful and dirty

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