Monday, 27 January 2014

22. You Could / Let Me (Nick & Jeanette Arrive)

(upstairs in Costa; in the house)

Easy now
I like [laughter}
lost in
broad band
ahhh mmm
we live
here now

missing something
it’s not
coughs sings
this place
frequents only

I can’t
go in
there now
[noise upon
noise now

sweet children
your language
booming here
fizzy stuff
tooth buds
[some French

I won’t
do it
you’ve done
it you’ve
done it
you had
it all
at nightfall

turns back
must love
you must
often play
they will
eating my
can I
have my
tea now
it’s French
aristocrates hein
[midi accent]

just a
little bit
started on
coffee let
me get
you coffee
really could
you could
let me
let me

what are
waves of
playful language

this is
hard don’t
get dirty
get dirty
do it
[skateboard in
the street
now here

luscious, sweet
we fit
we talk
at ease
cars pass
not suffer
here now
& now
Nik &
Jeanette arrive]

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