Monday, 31 March 2014

85. And Where We’re to at Being, Then

As the possibilities for capital’s expansion of profit shrivel
Through fraud, rivalry & the running out of all resources
One above all remains – the mass of population. Sell them
Into slavery again & again

Each time let them pay the price for themselves in full. Let
Every expectation be removed of how we can escape this.
This is the end of history as the few crush us all. They’ll
Falter incapably.

Each ripped tendril of our shared humanity unshared will shrivel.
Our future drifts en masse across rubble & filthy silt, resource
-less in every sense: small-scale coteries of Sawney Beanes them
-selves lost for ever again.

And again. Can we think or act how to get out of this utter abjection?
Rioting & burning are only the beginning, the need to refuse & probably kill
Every gated development, public school, private clinic & financial instrument
Until burning, burning, burning
      the rawness of our wounds
      still stabbing, stories
      of resistance in the borderlands
      only together
      only a part, this part
      of what must be opened
      the true book
      of our final history
      which shall otherwise
      remain unwritten ever.

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  1. Sawney Beane – allegedly fathered & led a band of incestuously breeding cannibals in late C16 Scotland on the coast on the Firth of Clyde. Travellers were robbed & eaten. The brood were finally seized & executed. The stories appeared first in early C18 England – where “Sawney” was a term for Scotsmen, like “Jock”, and largely used pejoratively.