Monday, 3 March 2014

57. The Amorous Amorite’s Replies

Crossing Potter St
These ugly dispensations
– you don’t need them
– divide the text
as chance wishes

Church Lane
passing a funeral
always remembered?
soon forgotten?
decrepit origins
at last lost

Coffee Corner
this jewelled head
odd & old, raised up as
the perfect mystery where
ritual expresses ridicule
dangerous for something
beautiful to shame us
      really share w/ the brain
                      the body
                      this whole world
                      our senses
                      live within

Sandle Road
A stare at our hearts?
The wounded pulse of our humanity
Will survive your gaze.

Rodolfo Do Bassio, “Poemetta dell neve”
il graffito dei giorni
che ingloba sole e azzurro
il fremito il guizza del sangue
che si disfa in modiglia
edited Dana Gioia & Michael Palma, New Italian Poets (Story Line Press, 1991), p 98

United Reformed Church
at this chapel
bread was broken
and the word
danced despite

Lyn Hejinian, “Masks from A Mask of Motion”
you choose your truths
A Mask of Motion (Burning Deck Press, 1977), n.p.

Potter St (seated)
Desperate times
living in dreams
drinking milk
in token of
our innocence

Writing our language into a scary mask –
isn’t that what we’re made of, then?

Lyn Hejinian, “Masks from A Mask of Motion”
“. . . somehow, strange as it seems,
completely unrelated events can
intertwine in my memory and then I
see they had something in common.”
Hejinian 1977, n.p.

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