Sunday, 23 March 2014

77. Without Marrying, There Is No Comedy

for Jo & Alex, m. 8/9/2012

K:   In human life, not ever something new
– our rituals & meals will continue on regardless

D:   It all seems so simple I think
– small scale things poking around in our messiness

K:   There are times, too, when nothing is to be said
– just start listening, you!

D:   This is as easy to accept as a polite police state
  then its edge cuts suddenly into view

K:   Life kicks in & you can’t duck its boots
– your writing may be shaky after this critique

D:   I know that & can count the bruises
– when you can’t manage that, call it a crisis

K:   So pathetic it’s funny, Offa said, didn’t she?
– avoid ridicule by sharing out your pie in common

D:   We only get a chance to share buttons here!
– milk, gravy, soup with toast, I’m not a fan of these

K:   Well, I can’t laugh, I feel utterly immaculate suddenly
– “dangerous” and “bitter” – these words drip off me like glamour

D:   Sleeping better, thank you. Power drops too. Where are we now in life?
– here, just here, then Saturday at Jo’s wedding
  How good it will be to celebrate together
  with all the family from across this world

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