Wednesday, 26 March 2014

80. This Time the Pus Was Right

“Arguments made on the bodies of the dead were also expounded on the bodies of the living.”
Robin Fleming, Britain After Rome: The Fall and Rise, 400-1070 (The Penguin History of Britain, Vol II) (Penguin Books, 2011), p 99

The hopeful pink ideology of the permanence of privilege
             Time the [embalmer]
                         suddenly shaken
                         all sorts of noisy stranger
               like origin legends                   – again!
Hits us                the distinctive little culture
                be our marker montage

Alban, moreover, was decapitated
Offa can bring justice next
           start to adjust burial fashions
             are    time itself [and coinage]
             a kind of barbarizing, heroicizing, high-status material culture
Spilt gravy            feasting on damson pie
Sour fluid is dirty
No         to the head cult
And         that obelisk that suddenly

The [anything particular]
We are very fluid underneath
     milk and heterogeneous, thankful
This          pus
                     O grateful ooze!

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