Tuesday, 18 March 2014

72. Some Needful Things Now

isn't this the enforced senility of this world
with people the tiny grains of amyloid plaque
billion upon billion?

isn’t it easy
isn’t it familiar
to open your eyes!
it is strange

& why didn’t the revolt arrive?
those stretched-out ones
not as huge as they thought
trapped within the legend of their failure
a few whitened stones
all that’s left

la poesia, lo specchio
dove la mano fruga
nel muschio delle scale
de insicurezza
Roberto Sanesi, “Harrington Gardens Suite”, A Selection (Grosseteste, 1975), p 10

you’re just the wrong social class for long life
– so accept it

“A rooted man traffic bike wavering does see most always
over ground, roaming a matter of scripts from shadow on
the only apartments and a few bushes to trees and a light-
ning storm that scares the birds they’ve blown down to in
the wind. He drives off under the clouds. Snow is swallowed.
Now nothing, yet nothing, grows birds.”
Lyn Hejinian, from “WALLS”, A Hundred Posters #38 (February 1979) n.p.

The Bowl & The Wave

grey rain falls
the white book darkens

[Written After The Event]
This city becomes an impossible instrument
the last vision of a dying hillbilly king
while the town remains –
stillborn undeliverance within its grasp of entropy

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