Monday, 10 March 2014

64. Each Time I Start, I End Again; Each Time I End, I Start Again

OK let’s taste then new languages
Their dumb networks spluttering power
All our wants so usable & utopian
A great golden world given to us, see?

Imagine the saints of Tarsus rioting & laughing
Their communion condemned our economy – no fucking fun!
Therefore such enthusiasm will transform our excesses
Into something plumped up with pleasure, grainy and

Strange yet entirely mundane – like dinosaurs.
A new universe of pearls and penicillin – umm
Do you have to imagine just gratuitously?
Maybe. Naive purposelessness – oh let’s get going

In one take, please – silence after
                      & children clapping & cheering
Heavy stuff realising it’s luscious, then
How the future will crash into a thousand stains

On the beach now, books, books
Bloody books and botany. Armeria
This is Paul & Pauline. I come as Artognou.
Where are we? I enjoy this place now.

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