Saturday, 22 March 2014

76. These Circumstances Are Ours

Married people
often divorce
mediation failing
not something
new – but
grim rituals
bloody meals
perfect hates
stuck here

so simple
section A
so stressful
different person
no phones
never reliable
childish rituals
old rottenness
high rise

sometimes sitting
silent here
say what?
no deal
lacking origin

so reasonable
let’s pass
paralympic police
this landscape
all edge

these stories
start again
2 hours
one life
kicks in
overrun now
so long
and imperfect

no warning
despises me
created this
untenable beings
without power
trying trying
I know
I know

so pathetic
it’s funny
offa duxback
isn’t it?
the olympics
he disappeared
we ate
the pie
happy now

seven buttons
so ineffective
not purposely
not toasters
not bandwagons
sunday dinners
gravy wasted
get rid
of him

can’t laugh
my place
move out
the boat
is pristine
last stone
really immaculate?
really interesting
that is
so consumed
bitter, angry

sleeping better
power drops
where are
we now?
in life
people’s lives
we’re here
these circumstances
ours now
yes? yes?

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