Thursday, 6 March 2014

60. Recipes of the Poets: Episode 5. The Sundays at the Oto Lemon Drizzle Cake, Starring Jeff Hilson, Celebrated Author of “In The Assarts”

VOICEOVER: And why do we act?
Nothing strange, but fear & desire
to put food in our mouths or
because we have accustomed to fix a marker
even though that much shall vanish; or
just to establish companionship in our voyaging together
– sometimes something like that. Let’s sit
& eat this cake, sustaining ourselves in common.
The problem isn’t our origins but where we’re heading to
and how it can be where we wish to be.

OK then, Jeff, now finally
That lemon drizzle cake may I present:
of poets talking, listening & applauding
musicians likewise – ensuring their suitability
as any born of the seed of the late or post modern
improvisers of good standing
or persons of genuinely independent will.

Camera draws back to reveal exterior of Café Oto, busy & alive. DISSOLVE to a home kitchen. ESTABLISHING SHOT, focusing on ingredients, bowl, scales, baking tin etc on work surface – then MATCHING SHOTS to the separate segments of the Voiceover:

“Lichen-hung I come to you
in hillbilly armour”

“Photos may be difficult.”

“this wave of translation
made tracks towards the pebbled shore.”

“Spreading out on the prima primula”

“heads which are bright,
tails which are dark,”

“I’ll show you my mushrooming award.”

“Sally-my-obscurely this one’s all about us.”

“The maiden lights her fire & hastes away.”

“getting in through the breaches
to fight with the pedunculate oak”

“These hands made the best French boats.”

“These hands made the best English bats.”

“they have so many words for allotment
& will not withdraw”

“I dreamed I wore a bloody crown
of staples . . . “

“It happened I just
broke my axe . . . “

“No one listens to Petrarch.”

“In her long loose sleeves he drown’d
displaying all the elegants of sound.”

“I have considered your structure.
It is awfully clean.”

1.  Actor cuts the baking paper, greases it, fitting it in the tin & finally trimming to leave to handles at the long ends

2.  A. lights the oven at the correct setting

3.  A. grates the lemon

4.  A. creams the butter & sugar (with a fork by hand)

5.  A. drops in eggs one by one

6.  A. then drops in lemon peel

7.  A. finally sifts in the flour, using a metal spoon in sieve

8.  A. spoons the mixture into the tin & smooths its top

9.  A. then places the cake in the oven

10. A. checks the cake with a skewer – finds its top is ready, but the cake is still doughy on the inside, so it is replaced in the oven, with a round of baking paper on top
11. A. finally takes out the cake
12. A. squeezes the lemon juice and pours it onto the sugar and mixes together

13. A. pricks the top of the cake with a skewer

14. A. pours the lemon drizzle mixture over the cake

15. A. takes the cake out of the tin, and unpeels the paper

16. A. places the cake on suitably sized and traditionally decorated plate, cuts a slice, places this on a smaller tea plate, and eats the slice, leaving several crumbs
17. A. places the cake (complete as end of shot 15) into a clean tin, lined with paper longitudinally which extends as handles at the ends

“Hopeful, dirty, noisy & shaken.
This place too was once an assart
– always an assart.
Time to hack out another & dwell in it.
Jeff Hilson, we fucking love your assarts
& yr organs too
& here at Hockerill we demand more
raising high the heads of abbots on long poles
also officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Kulture.
Will you join us in decapitating
His Grace the Bishop of London & too
The High Sheriff of Hertfordshire?
It would be such fun to do it together at last
– don’t you think?
Wild Justice of The Amorites, we’d chant together.
for the Amorites are The Assarts
the terrible terrible Assarts.”
18. Shot of empty tea plate with several crumbs on it (as end of shot 16). HOLD FOR 5 SECONDS, then USING STOP/START animate the crumbs into random jittering movements &

19. SLOWLY FADE TO BLACK throughout

20. HOLD ON BLACK FOR 3 SECONDS after end of voiceover

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