Wednesday, 12 March 2014

66. Some Comforting Power

    a                     says.    part
             opened   renewed  obstinate  
    a       but                Fetischcharakter
&     words                . Happiness
      pie                  origin               formal
             still         &                    qualitative
    heart           itself                      “hyper-distanced”
We      so                unsimply
        &                 attached              several
                               landscape        “strenuous effort
          guys,     the             random
you  cannibalistic.     happens.
what               is            Well –
                                people         true   universal
      perfect             insoluble                 ritual
We    like                “difficult
there     so                partly
(thank                  some          comforting
“Heaven is impersonal and useless.”[1]

[1] Keston Sutherland, “Fetish and Refuge: a mock pastoral”, Crisis Enquiry 2012: a special volume of damn the caesars with attention to the work of Rob Halpern and Keston Sutherland, p 249

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