Friday, 14 March 2014

68. Non-Naturalistic Facts

Aphorisms are united by the speechless pauses between them
Lyn Hejinian & Leslie Scalapino, Sight (Edge Books, 1999), p 36 (LH)
1. Some Serious Games (POLYply 20 > RE-FLUX): “words spill”
Oh the poets they are funny birds
– singing of revolution whilst
they polish up their brands
some people want to live better lives
others just want to live
aren’t we all prisoners of things to come?
abraded by a storm of facts
& sharp theoretical fragments
there are
things I know
all the people
– they always do one thing
chance needs a good deck of cards
plus a quick hand
no word is inhuman
no word is human
I hope you cut up
enough to eat
we keep looking for patterns everywhere
& find them
the sweet sound of flesh against paper
traces over silence
from each & to each
the error of our ways
against all those who lie in wait
the affectless v the affected
“it really doesn’t look nice”
oh to be personal & useless
always at once
the one lesson
– never be cool
words spill
and let them
2. lots of poems
about little noises
somehow what else?

3. On a Day of English Carnivalesque
– happy, kitsch, silly & self-conscious
most rigorously untheorised

4. Under heaven is grey skies:
pus will fall and
dark fluid
run thru the gutters

5. É sempre l’ora di ricominciare a cuocere

6. Great emptiness
holds many things

7. True to tell Again
“One fine day (cold milky sun on the hoods of cars, rosy moss crumbling into fissures in the dirt, fern fronds still in the curled position) some walkers came upon an old dump site and picked it over, provoking, on the basis of no information at all, compassion.”
Hejinian & Scalapino, p 74 (LH)


8. One thing about improvisation
– buy into it, then!

9. To the Swifts
O little bird machines
why have you come back again?

10. bouncing & bouncing
with bears & without
across glossoclines & without
oh to be without
out of the bouncy box
without the world of facts & nature
philology & poetry
all without
without it all

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  1. section 1: “POLYply 20 > RE-FLUX” see < >. Mainly written around & during the event (June 14, 2012 at The Centre for Creative Collaboration, 16 Acton Street WC1), at which performed Prudence Chamberlain, Becky Cremin, Allen Fisher, Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis and Nisha Ramayya (and others).