Thursday, 13 March 2014

67. And Breathe (in Common)

Yes, Keston
heaven is
impersonal &
useless but
where else
do we
raise then
our eyes
when we
live in
flatlands now?

little noises
they arise
of rubbish
gentle scratches
then tickling
fan on
so common
like breathing

small chance
low rustles
we shall
this world
with things
our things
so listen
as they
breathe now

under heaven
under roof
under stars
under concrete
under noses
under eyes
under power
under free
human steps
on occasion
this world
will breathe

yeah? Yeah
[laughter] start
eating again
we learn
so slowly
summer’s gone
next month
must be
cold yeah
dangerous drink
carefully now
gently breathe

under this
all this
great emptiness
tick tock
tick tock
chitter chatter
chitter chatter
hhhh hhhh

so shocked
start rioting
can I
help you
[laughter] &
open doors
crash crash
oh yes
some life
here then

steaming milk
impure ridicule
I buy
it though

language like
the machines
we are
simply conscious
(a little)
hey then
the Singularity
that ends
our days
was us
oh dear!

yeah it’s
feeling frantic
I got
it completely
wrong so
one night
[rapid speech]
[rapidamente italiano]
let the
young map
this space
draw up
the glossoclines
we bounce
noisily across

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